5 Best Identity Theft Protection Plans

Every man should consider using one of the 5 best identity theft protection plans. Losing your identity is not like losing your car keys. Once your identity has been stolen it is very difficult and costly to get it back, and it may take many years to repair the damage that has been done. You can stay ahead of the game with one of these services, which will alert you to any changes affecting your credit or personal information.

  1. LifeLock. The LifeLock identity theft protection plan provides a variety of services to ensure that your identity stays safe and secure. The cost is ten dollars a month, or $99 per year, and you can cancel the plan at any time. The services provided include fraud alerts, free annual credit reports, internet scanning for your personal information, TrueAddress alerts if someone tries to change your address when applying for credit in your name, and WalletLock services to help you contact your banks and other businesses should your wallet be stolen or lost.
  2. TrustedID. The cost of the TrustedID identity theft protection plan is ten dollars per month, or $99 per year, with a 30-day free trial period. The protection plan has many tools for you to choose from. They offer CreditLock, which freezes your credit files at each credit bureau. You will be notified and must give prior approval to anyone who wants to see your credit reports. They will monitor your credit card usage and scan the internet for misuse of your name and personal information. They will also provide up to $1,000,000 to cover your out-of-pocket costs should your identity be stolen.
  3. Identity Guard’s Total Protection. Because identity theft is more than just credit card fraud, Identity Guard also includes protection plans for your medical information, driver’s license and tax information. They will provide you with your credit score four times a year, daily monitoring of all three major credit agencies as well as database scanning for applications in your name regarding mortgages, loans, cell phones and credit cards. They offer public records monitoring and an actual $1,000,000 insurance plan which is different from its competitors. They currently charge about eighteen dollars per month for their services.
  4. ID Watchdog. This identity theft protection plan concentrates on database scanning of thousands of databases for about twenty dollars a month. You will receive a monthly report of each scan, which includes criminal records, utilities, address changes, driver’s license, credit history, public databases, Social Security number usage, name changes, business filings and many more. If your identity is stolen they will help you restore your identity and even go to court with you if needed.
  5. Identity Truth. The Identity Truth identity theft protection plan is quite affordable at $9.99 per month. They offer credit bureau monitoring, will stop pre-approval offers that clutter your mailbox, and have a partnership with the Experian credit bureau. You will have access to your Experian credit report and score any time throughout the year. They offer insurance that will reimburse you for any expenses related to recovering your identity should it be compromised.
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