5 Best Indiana Pacers Players of All Time

The Indiana Pacers have always been an above average team and they have produced some of the best Indiana Pacers players of all time. The Indiana Pacers team was founded in 1967 and they officially joined the NBA in 1976 in the Eastern Conference. Who are the 5 best Indiana Pacers players of all time?

  1. Reggie Miller. Reggie Miller is one of the greatest NBA players of all-time and he is synonymous with the Indiana Pacers basketball team as the best Indiana Pacers players of all time. Miller still holds many of the Indiana Pacers player records such as 3-point field goals made, games played, field goal attempts, free throws made, free throws attempted, assists, steals, turnovers, and points. Reggie Miller is one of the league’s all-time best 3-point shooters and clutch players.
  2. Rik Smits. Smits was a 7’4 center for the Indiana Pacers, but he was very athlete for his stature and a very versatile player when he played on the basketball court. Just like Miller, Smits only played for the Indiana Pacers throughout his NBA career. Rik Smits holds one of the worst stats as an Indiana Pacer, he had 3,011 personal fouls. He is regarded as one of the best Indiana Pacers players of all time.
  3. Jermaine O’Neal. No one knew who Jermaine O’Neal was until he played for the Indiana Pacers from 2000 until 2008. O’Neal dramatically improved as a player and he won the NBA’s “Most Improved Player” in 2002 for his efforts. He led the Pacers to the playoffs six consecutive seasons and he has his place on the list as one of the best Indiana Pacers players of all time.
  4. Mark Jackson. Jackson was the rookie of the year in the 1988-89 NBA season and was an outstanding point guard on the New York Knicks. He was an asset to the Indiana Pacers and he complimented Jermaine O’Neal and Reggie Miller quite well.
  5. Ron Artest. One of the most controversial NBA players of all-time, Ron Artest was traded to the Indiana Pacers in 2002 and he had the best season of his career. Artest's tenure with the Pacers is most notable for the November, 19, 2004 Indiana Pacers versus the Detroit Pistons brawl that shocked the sports world. 





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