5 Best Indiana Weekend Getaways

The 5 best Indiana weekend getaways offer something for everyone. Whether for relaxation or an outdoor adventure, this state has a variety of activities to choose from. Always consider the cost and time of travel before planning said get away weekend. Some activities are relatively cheap while others will require saving for the average person.

  1. Brown County. Home to a national park and the historical town of Nashville, Indiana, Brown County tops the list of best Indiana weekend getaways. The state park is filled with a variety of trees natural to their surroundings. In the fall, the various colors of leaves lend themselves to a photographer's dream. The migrating birds in the spring and summer give rise for the bird watchers of the world and the multitude of hiking trails is a pleasant retreat for the outdoor lover. The town of Nashville hosts a variety of activities year-round. This town, created to run exactly as a town would back in the 1800s era of Indiana, offers seasonal farming festivals. Harvest, planting and summer celebrations occur each year.
  2. Elkhart, Indiana. This rather small town makes the list of best Indiana weekend getaways. Home to a thriving Amish community, visitors enjoy the simple things of life. The residing Amish offer tours, demonstrations and explanations into their often mysterious lifestyle. Simply driving along the streets of this town can offer excitement to the weekend traveler unaccustomed to seeing horse-drawn carriages and carts.
  3. Morrison Town, Indiana. This conglomeration of small towns makes the list of best Indiana weekend getaways. For the antique buff, this area is king. Offering a multitude of various antique stores, the small towns offer up old fashion Hoosier living.
  4. Indiana Dunes. For the water or beach lover this entry on the list of best Indiana weekend getaways might get top consideration. A national preserve, Indiana Dunes offers up the beaches of Lake Michigan for sunbathing, hiking and simple enjoyment of the Great Lakes.
  5. Bloomington, Indiana. The home of Indiana University rounds out the list of best Indiana weekend getaways. Tours of the ivy-covered college campus and quaint in-town stores and restaurants are a pleasant quick get-away for the weary traveler.
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