5 Best Indie Movies 2010

If you want a movie different than the standard sequels and cheesy blockbuster films being released, you should check out the 5 best indie movies 2010. These films explore tumultuous relationships, dysfunctional families, and the pursuit of perfection. The movies also feature beautiful cinematography, complex characters, and untraditional stories.

  1. “Blue Valentine” This best indie movie from 2010 casts Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a couple whose marriage is slowly disintegrating. The film blends their current story with flashbacks of their happier times to chronicle the relationship’s ups and downs.
  2. “Black Swan” Natalie Portman earned Oscar buzz for this indie movie of 2010 that managed to garner a lot of talk despite its limited release. The psychosexual movie revolves around a ballerina who earns the lead role in “Swan Lake,” but finds herself deconstructing in her pursuit to nail the role. Mila Kunis costars as a rival and sexual interest.
  3. “I Am Love” In this best indie movie from 2010, Tilda Swinton learned fluent Italian and Russian to play the lead character. Swinton plays a Russian woman who now lives a lavish, supremely wealthy life in Italy. Her temptation to engage in a secret affair, however, threatens to destroy the empire she has built around her.
  4. “Winter’s Bone” Jennifer Lawrence had her breakout role in this dark, often disturbing indie movie from 2010. Lawrence’s character must find her father who is out on bail or risk losing her house and only source of support for her younger siblings. To achieve this, she must make sacrifices that threaten her life.
  5. “The Kid’s Are All Right” Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play a committed couple who have two children through a sperm donor in this best indie movie of 2010. When their children seek out the donor and establish a relationship with him, the dynamics of their family change for better and worse.
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