5 Best Inflatable Sex Dolls

If you're feeling a little bit lonely, why not try one of these 5 best inflatable sex dolls. Sure, they look kind of cheesy, but in a pinch these sex dolls can make a good substitute for the real thing. Available with boy or girl parts depending on your sexual preference, these inflatable sex dolls certainly won't leave much to the imagination.

  1. "Hustler Virtual Girl" Made from molded "cyberskin," this is about as close as you can get to the real thing with an inflatable sex doll. The doll features three entry points (use your imagination for that one) and her face and hair are made up. The boobs are soft and flexible, and the doll also offers trimmed pubic hair and long fingernails. The Hustler Virtual Girl blows up into a squatting position. 

  2. "Rock Hard Doll" For the ladies, this inflatable sex doll features a rotating, vibrating virtual tongue. In addition, the doll's eight inch penis rotates and the offers vibrating balls for the full experience. For the boys, this one also offers a rear opening. It is sold with a choice of hair colors. 

  3. "Perfect 10" An inflatable sex doll with realistic hands and feet, the toes and fingers wiggle and come with painted nails. The doll also features realistic, soft hair and "sensuous penetrating eyes." A vibrating tongue with a squeeze bulb for suction makes the Perfect 10 the perfect doll for blowjob lovers. 

  4. "Dyanna Lauren Fantasy Doll" Featuring a pouch type openings, this doll is over five feet tall and offers a removable, multi-speed vibrating egg. The custom designed mouth opening offers a realistic tongue and an extra deep pocket. All Dyanna Lauren dolls are personally signed and come with a centerfold poster. 

  5. "John Holmes Doll" Another favorite for the ladies, the John Holmes Doll features an eight inch vibrating and rotating penis. This inflatable doll also offers realistic hair on the head, chest and around the pubic region.

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