5 Best Inline Hockey Drills

Ball hockey is often played on inline skates, so you need to know the 5 best inline hockey drills for this sport. You are probable already aware that inline skating itself is a whole different experience from ice skating or four-wheel roller skating, and you want your drills to reflect this.

  1. Dribbling drills: Playing ball hockey means that you dribble the ball at times, while you are skating. The best inline hockey drills include dribbling practice, so set up some cones and practice your dribbling skills.
  2. Shot drills: Just like in hockey, you take shots towards the goal. These shots can come from anywhere, so make sure your best inline hockey drills include practicing corner shots, wide shots, close shots, and any others you think you might take.
  3. Stickhandling drills: Again, you are going to use stickhandling maneuvers in ball hockey, just like in regular hockey. In ball hockey, however, you aren’t allowed to bring the stick past your weight when making corner shots, so practice stickhandling drills such as those which help you remember to keep your stick low and ready to contact the ball. Remember, too, that you are on inline skates, so your best inline hockey drills should include stickhandling.
  4. Defensive drills: You may play only defense in ball hockey, and this, too, can be different when doing so on inline skates. So, adapt your best inline hockey drills to include defensive drills such as continuous ball running (never letting the ball become stationary), channeling (maneuvering the ball between two lines of players), and others.
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