5 Best Instances Of Lesbian Teacher Sex

What are the five best instances of lesbian teacher sex? Well, there are more instances lately then one may think. These hot, and sometimes not, women have garnered a chorus of tsk’s and condemnation for their naughty lesbian teacher sex acts. Some of these acts have garnered the women jail time while others have received a slap on the wrist. These five instances of lesbian teacher sex have rocked the headlines.

  1. Helen Goddard Helen Goddard is a thin blonde and in all aspects stunning. This is not the description of someone who typically would be associated with a lesbian sex scandal but this is indeed the case. Ms. Goddard was jailed for fifteen months after having a sexual affair with a fifteen year old student. The judge has ruled that she can begin having contact with the minor again at the end of her sentence. Yikes!
  2. Tricia Brown Okay, so we have all heard the PE teacher lesbian rumors. This time the rumors were true. Tricia Brown admitted to having lesbian relationships with two students on two occasions. She will be eligible to teach again in 2014.
  3. Justine Rowe The beginning of this lesbian teacher fiasco began with a text. Justine Rowe apparently began a sexual relationship with a fifteen year old girl. When they broke up, the girl told her parents. Rowe ended up going to jail and has been added as a sex offender for the next ten years.
  4. Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro This lesbian teacher encounter has been displayed prominently on news stations as well as Facebook. There are conflicting reports of exactly what happened. The known facts are that two teachers were found in a classroom. One teacher was naked from the waist up and one was naked from the waist down. The known facts are that one teacher was on her knees while the other was lying down.
  5. Shannon Best This social studies teacher was apparently using her social skills to have sex with an eighteen year old student. She faced jail time because as a teacher, it is illegal to have sex with a student. She was sentenced to probation and no contact with children.
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