5 Best Instrumental Music Videos

The 5 best instrumental music videos use imagery to create a context for the music and make it feel more alive. Many music videos for lyrics-based songs don’t really help improve the experience of hearing the music, but often, filmmakers can be more inspired in instrumental music videos. This may be because there are no words to lock the direction they must take. All these videos are visually interesting and memorable, and all of them add a lot to the overall experience of listening to the songs in question.

  1. “The Audience is Listening” by Steve Vai is one of the most enjoyable and fun of the instrumental music videos. The video tells the story of a young musician bringing an electric guitar to his classroom, and rocking the house.
  2. “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock has one of the strangest instrumental music videos. During most of the video, we witness as mannequins and various inanimate objects come alive and move around inside a room.
  3. The video for “Close (To the Edit)” by The Art of Noise is almost as strange as the one for “Rockit,” and musically the songs are quite similar in some ways. This video shows a strange looking young girl walking around near some railroad tracks and inexplicably finding musical instruments, which she points out to sever bizarre adult companions who are following her.
  4. The video for “Trademark” by Eric Johnson perfectly matches the mellow quality of the music. This instrumental music video shows a mix of old-west inspired black and white imagery, along with slow motion shots of Johnson playing guitar.
  5. Steve Vai returns to the list with “For the Love of God”. In this video, we see Vai playing against a mountainous backdrop. The sheer simplicity of it makes the instrumental music video especially striking and memorable.
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