5 Best Instrumentals Ever

The 5 best instrumentals ever, just thinking about them makes us instantly feel more calm, relaxed and mellow. The great news about all of the chosen instrumentals is that they are widely available for your listening pleasure all over the internet. Here are the five best instrumentals ever:

  1. "One Note Samba." This beautiful and mellow composition by Brazilian Carlos Jobim is a jazzy, laid-back bossa nova classic and is one of the best ever. It is guaranteed to become a fast favorite. Jobim, who in addition to being a composer, was also a singer, pianist and guitarist, wrote prolifically in the sixties. He recorded with Frank Sinatra, among other notable performers. His works have been recorded by many artists internationally.
  2. "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars." Another Jobim classic, this is worth another listen-to, as it will immediately make you feel like you are carefree under a star-lit night sky. Actually, just about any of Jobim's soft instrumentals will get you in a relaxed mood. And, they are addictive. Listen to one, and you'll want to hear all.
  3. "Gymnopedie" by Eric Satie. This is an unfortunate title for one of the best instrumental compositions ever. To this day, the meaning of the title is not completely understood but it is thought that the exotic title for this composition was chosen by Satie to reflect the exotic nature of the work itself. Satie was a French composer who was born in 1866 and died in 1925. "Gymnopedie" is a calming, meditative instrumental.
  4. "Jeux D'eau". Translated as "Fountains" or "Water Play," this beautiful instrumental by Maurice Ravel will have you feeling as if you are sitting near a lovely fountain on a summer day listening to the water gently trickling down. A classic.
  5. "The Girl With the Flaxen Hair." This is a classical piece by composer Claude Debussy, who wrote music known as Impressionist music (at about the time I Impressionist painting was becoming popular). This composition is a soft and dreamlike instrumental.
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