5 Best Intercourse Moments

What are the five best intercourse moments? Most guys would probably say that the moment they come is a great intercourse moment. While this is a very great intercourse moment, it’s not one even in the top ten best intercourse moments. Well then, what are the best intercourse moments? There’s so many to choose from. Intercourse in itself is a great moment to be a part of. Dissecting the entire act of sex into the five greatest moments is not a very easy task. Well, here they are. Here’s the five greatest intercourse moments.

  1. The moment right before entry. Think about it. She’s hot and ready and so are you. That moment that your penis first grazes her vaginal lips is like a lightning shock. It drives both of you insane. She’s gasping and so are you. Don’t believe it? Next time you’re ummm, in that position, don’t drive your penis into her. Hold it right at the gates. Watch her reaction. Take notes of yours as well. Electric.
  2. When you two reach sexual rhythm. Most times, sex is about one of you giving it to the other. But, when you two reach a point of mutual simultaneous giving and receiving, the sex can be no better! Every thrust, every grind is in sync. The world seems to stop. There’s nothing going on but you and her. That’s some powerful stuff, and easily one of the best intercourse moments.
  3. The locked on eye contact. When you look into her eyes and you can’t pull away, the attraction is virtually unbreakable. Add a little passionate kissing and touching and see if you don’t get hooked. There is some very real love making going on at that moment. Try it. It’s an addictive feeling to drown in your lovers eyes while making love to her and its definitely one of the best intercourse moments you can have.
  4. Her orgasm. Knowing that you’ve helped her reach her peak is an amazing feeling. Hell, its enough for some guys to come themselves. Think about it. What could be better? Her muscles tightening. Her fingers digging into your back. Her breathing speeding up. Her gorgeous face displaying extreme pleasure. Then suddenly, her body has this great sexual release. All because of your efforts.
  5. The after sex time. The best intercourse moment is when you two fall out from sheer pleasure and exhaustion. You spend the next couple of hours holding each other. You take all of her inside of you and she does the same. There’s not a more enjoyable experience on this earth. Oh, and the inevitable nap that both of you are about to take is the best sleep you can get without being dead.   
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