5 Best Investments For Beginners

Many people use the excuse that they wouldn’t know where to start when considering the best investments for beginners. Choosing good investments is not that hard, though, even for those who have never done it before, and here are a few ideas to get your investment thought process started.

  1. CD (certificate of deposit). A CD is a deposit that has been made with a financial institution that will remain in the account for a specified amount of time. After maturity, it can be rolled over or cashed out, making it one of the best investments for beginners.
  2. 401k. This is a very popular investment with many employees; therefore, it can definitely be considered as one of the best investments for beginners. Contributions can be made over an extended period of time, preferably until retirement, without the need to pay taxes until withdrawals begin.
  3. IRA (traditional, Roth, educational). An Individual Retirement Account is another way of saving for retirement, and one of the best investments for beginners also, since taxes are usually deferred until you begin to draw on it.
  4. Stocks. Choose wisely, and these can definitely be the best investments for beginners. Invest in well-known companies to begin with. Once you have gained more experience, you can then branch out if you wish.
  5. Bonds. Many churches and other organizations sell these as a way to pay for new construction. They usually have a very good rate of return, and only a moderate investment is required, both good reasons why bonds are popular as a best investment for beginners.


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