5 Best Investments For A Weak Dollar

What are the five best investments for a weak dollar? Well, that is what will be talked about in this piece. Most people wouldn't wish that the dollar would fall too far, but there are those who wouldn't mind the dollar falling a little bit so that they can achieve gains. Below shows you how they capitalize when the dollar drops.

  1. Buy precious metals. Precious metals like gold and silver always rise in value when the US dollar drops in value. This is a proven principle that has stuck with the dollar since its inception. The reason why this principle works is because any time the dollar drops in value it means that it takes more US dollars to buy the same amount of gold that is in existence.
  2. Purchase real estate. Real estate works on basically the same premise. In real estate, not only can the value of a home go up, but the amount you can charge renters each month for rent can also go up as well.
  3. Get into the Forex business. In the Forex market, the US dollar is pegged to other currencies. If the US dollar is in a situation where it is weakening, you can play the other side and bet on the the other country's currency moving up in relation to the US dollar. This is a great way to invest your money when you know the US dollar will be weak for some time.
  4. Buy oil stocks. Oil tends to rise when the US dollar starts to tank. If you don't believe me, just look at how oil and gas prices rose after the economic crisis in America.
  5. Invest in industrial metals. Industrial metals rise in the wake of a falling dollar also. It is not necessarily because the demand for these metals go up, but more so because it takes more US dollars to pay for such metals. Some of these metals are copper, zinc, nickel, steel, and lead.




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