5 Best iPhone 3g Apps

Here are some of the 5 best iPhone 3G apps that are completely free. Some iPhone  3G app makers give away free apps to promote some of their products. Luckily for you, these apps are completely free and are a great way to add more usability to your iPhone 3G. You don’t need to sift through the iTunes store anymore because we have the best iPhone 3G apps right here.

  1. Yahoo Fantasy Football. Football season is back and so is fantasy football. With this cool app you can keep track of your fantasy football teams and check out how your competition is doing. This is an awesome iPhone 3G app if you’re out watching a game at a sports bar because you don’t need to have your computer nearby. All of your stats are updated in real time!
  2. Pandora Radio. Pandora radio creates custom radio channels for your enjoyment. This iPhone 3G app creates playlists for you based on music you love. Now you can have music on your iPhone without having to listen to your same old playlists. This app is completely free unless you want to upgrade your service to allow to skip more songs. Fortunately, Pandora’s Radio has lots of great songs that you are sure to love and upgrading is not necessary.
  3. Happy Hours. The Happy Hours iPhone 3G app gives you all of the happy hours and drink specials in your area. You never have to guess where you should go for the drink specials in your area. A map pops up with your location and shows you where the best specials are and what time happy hour is at.  So far this app is only applicable to 45 major cities, but more locations will be coming soon.
  4. Beat the Traffic. This app is perfect for commuters. Never get stuck in traffic again. This iPhone 3G app gives you traffic reports in a map view. This app knows exactly where you are and will give you real time traffic reports based on where you’re going. It also shows you how you can best get out of a traffic jam by giving you alternate routes. This app is definitely a must-have for anyone who hates traffic.
  5. Vevo. Vevo has the best music videos on youtube and now you can watch them right on your iPhone 3G. All you have to do is download the app and then you can start watching any new music video you want. Vevo is perfect for anyone who wants to have access to the best music videos at the click of a button.
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