5 Best Irish Whiskeys

Here is a list of the 5 best Irish whiskeys. You will know you are imbibing with pure Irish Whiskey as long as the bottle has the "e" in whiskey. Anything spelled "Whisky" is not the gem known as Irish Whiskey. Irish whiskey ranges from deluxe whiskey blends to single malts. The finest whiskeys offer a satisfying smooth ride as you drink them.

  1. Jameson makes a range of whiskey's for all budgets. They are great for a beginner Irish whiskey drinker. Don't feel guilty about making cocktails with the lower ranges of Jameson, especially drinks made with ginger.
  2. Green Spot makes an Irish whiskey that true whiskey drinkers consistently rave about. They release a limited quantity of this pure-pot still whiskey each year. To get your hands on a bottle, be prepared to find a location to purchase before the annual release as they are not the easiest whiskey to find.
  3. Connemara Cask Strength is a single malt whiskey that is bottled straight out of the cast without being cut to maintain uniformity. To maintain a traditional Irish whiskey flavor, it is smooth and sweet in an fruity manner but is also noted for it's spicy finish

  4. Black Bush is the maker of the original single malt whiskey from Ireland. Black Bush whiskey is usually aged up to eleven years in sherry casks. The twist in their whiskey making process is the appearance of delicate grain whiskey blended with the single malt. The grain whiskey is the finishing taste.

  5. Knappogue Castle is undisputably the connoisuers whiskey at $1000 a bottle. This whiskey is the oldest and rarest Irish whiskey with less than 1,000 bottles still available as it was bottled in 1987. This complex whiskey has notes of fruit and and molasses as well as licorice and honey making it impossible to compare or duplicate.

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