5 Best Irons For Golf

Figuring out the 5 best irons for golf can improve your game and assist you in sizing up your competition. The avid golfer knows that different irons suit different levels of play. Find the right iron for your trouble spots and head towards a winning round.

  1. Callaway Big Bertha. A trouble spot for many golfers is coming up short on the fairway. Their long game isn't long enough for upper level play. The addition of one of the best irons for golf assists in solving this issue. Big Bertha irons by Callaway are made for additional driving power. While newer sets of irons have been developed for putting more power into strokes, this set still stands up. The all black shaft and red striped head make these clubs visually appealing during use. While not a completely smooth iron, the Big Bertha set gets the job done.
  2. Mizuno MX 200. For the beginner or the intermediate player trying to improve their long shot, Mizuno MX 200 makes the list of one of the best irons for golf. The forgiving head allows the player to be less than perfect while still shooting a good game. The wide heads allows for a bit of leeway in the angle of the stroke. The all silver, shiny finish puts a nice look to a great golf iron.
  3. TaylorMade, Burner Plus. For the casual player looking to improve their game or the pro-level player looking for more accuracy, the Burner Plus by TaylorMade makes the list of best irons for golf. The wide head is very forgiving for the occasionally slight mis-swing.
  4. Mizuno MP-52. The low end weight of the MP-52 made by Mizuno gives the club an extremely smooth swing. For those looking to improve their mid-game, the MP-52 gets on the list of best irons for golf.
  5. Calloway Tour Authentic X. This is the cream of the crop on the list of the best irons for golf. The perfected factor of balance in these clubs makes for the smoothest swing possible. While at the high end cost wise, these irons let the later part of your game continue with the same strength as the first hole.
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