5 Best Italian Briefcases

Learning what the 5 best Italian briefcases are is essential for people who exude class with the capital “C” and who admire exquisite workmanship and style.  Nowadays, the briefcase has transcended from its timeless role as a common accessory used mainly by lawyers. It is a box-shaped bag used to carry “briefs” that are to be put forth in court, thus the connotation brief-case. Today, not only do lawyers make use of this highly appreciated tool for organizing paperwork but there have also been a lot of people from academics and businessmen to even the clergy who have take advantage of this modern day instrument.  What is probably the best type of briefcase in the world are Italian-made leather briefcases.  Formal, elegant and incomparably perfect, these briefcases are the consummate accessory for people who are in a league of their own.

  1. The Lazio Triple Gusset by Tony Perotti – The Perotti brand is one of the most sought after in the world and is admired for the intricate workmanship and extraordinary functionality of its bags.  Capacious and user-friendly is an understatement for the Lazio Triple Gusset.  As if its functionality as a perfect organizer for files is not enough, it also comes with a lined compartment perfect for a laptop computer.  Security locks and a removable shoulder strap rounds out the perfection of this Italian briefcase.
  2. The Floto Firenze – When it’s an Italian briefcase capable of holding up to three inches of stacked paperwork, your laptop computer, your standard sized phonebook, several folder files, you can even pitch in another bunch of everyday stuff and yet still look stunningly stylish, then it is worth taking a second look at.  With an easy-lock strap paired with the easy-open flip top which puts accessibility to your files at a premium, the Firenze also comes in three classy colors—Black, Tuscan Red and Vecchio Brown. Heavy duty and yet popularly chic, Floto’s Firenze brief is considered old-school Italian, with its Tuscany perfectly-furbished leather look which came straight from the hands of Italian bag craftsmen.  
  3. The Floto Pratesi – Not far from its fellow Floto product is another handcrafted masterpiece named The Pratesi.  Designed to provide superior protection to the modern technology tools of the modern man or woman, the Pratesi comes with three spacious divisions.  The central space is provided with first-class lining intended to protect your laptop computer from the worst of bumps and falls.  Available in three distinct and formidable colors—Black, Camel Brown and Mahogany Brown, the Pratesi’s manly reputation as an Italian briefcase reflects its attributes of reliability and world-class craftsmanship.
  4. Jack Georges Sienna Classic Briefcase – For a bag carrying the name Jack Georges, the Sienna Classic belongs to the top of the cream of the crop for its design functionality and reputation for excellent quality at an affordable cost.  Another product from the Italian Tuscan area, the Sienna Classic is masterfully handcrafted from the best leather found in that region.  Equipped with a top-of-the-line security keylock and reinforced by a steel framework, the Sienna Classic epitomizes the edginess of modern day design perfectly merged with the class of Italian handiwork.
  5. The Roman by Tony Perotti – Another exquisite Italian briefcase creation from the Tony Perotti brand, this time from the Italico Collection.  Such was the creativity shown by Perotti Italian craftsmen that they were able to make a creative design for a non-conventional looking briefcase with the full functionality of a conventional one.  The Roman is equipped with an assembly of spaces that would prove to be perfect for those who believe that there's a place for everything and that everything should be in its  place. This is but one of a select few Italian briefcases available in the market that has successfully fused the functionality of a classic briefcase with the rugged creativity of modern design.
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