5 Best Italian Cycling Shoes

Cyclists would love to know the 5 best Italian cycling shoes in the market that are good choices when comfort and style from a cycling shoe is their main concern. These Italian cycling shoes are made from reputable shoe manufacturers trusted for their innovative technologies in shoe making.

  1. Race. Dromarti manufactures this cycling shoes model. It is one of the most popular choices of professional and amateur cycling enthusiasts with its handmade Italian cycling shoes that can even double up as a dress shoe. The shoe has a three-point fixing system with a provision for a toe clip which is most preferred by many. It also comes with a three-bolt lock pedal attachments. The manufacturer, Dromarti has made perforated uppers for this Italian cycling shoes model to make sure that the heat and sweat would be vent out.
  2. Diadora Speed Racer Carbon Shoes.  This pair of Italian cycling shoes has also become a favorite among cyclists because of its comfort. Cannondale was able to make a pair that is highly mobile with just a small twitch or even a slight shift of movements. The shoe comes with a price that agrees well enough with its style and comfort.
  3.  Storica. This is another Dromarti brand. This one is more stylish Italian cycling shoes that are made with a brand of craftsmanship. It gives room for toe clip pedals without a hassle and comes with a solid sole.
  4. Sidi Genius  6.6. This is one of the most popular brands of Italian cycling shoes because of the Carbon Lite Sole technology incorporated in the shoes. The manufacturers are also keen in making sizes for both men and women while taking into considerations the arch, broadness and narrowness of the feet. Italian craftsman Dino Signori is the father of this shoe line.
  5. Sportivo (Sportive). This Italian cycling shoes brand by Dromati has soles with the standard 2 point SPD fixing system. This would make the rider feel more comfortable with their feet movements since the SPD cleats are more comfortable in this pair of Italian cycling shoes. It has perforated uppers to make sure that the heat is optimal.
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