5 Best Italian Dress Shirts For Men

Are you planning on changing your wardrobe and need to know the 5 best Italian dress shirts for men? Look sharp and sexy at the same time in these hot Italian shirts.

  1. Brandolini: The five best Italian list starts off with this stylish, yet comfortable dress shirt. It comes in a French cuff style for a more appealing look. Perfect for the businessman looking to impress his clients in chic attire. Do you have a lot of designer suits? No worries. These handsome shirts come in many different colors to match any suit. Purchasing Brandolini will set you back a two hundred dollars or so. But, looking good doesn't come cheap.
  2. Forzieri: This brand of dress shirts comes in several styles and colors for men. Here are a few you'll find: slim fit, French cut, button down, solid, stripes and placket front. Colors include classic white and light blue. Prices range from $90.00 to $200.00. The quality is excellent. If money isn't a problem, this brand is ideal for any type of suit or dress pant. 
  3. Giorgio Valentini: Valentini makes high quality Italian dress shirts that fit every professional and distinguished man. Prices may vary depending on style and make of shirt. These shirts are produced in Italy using the finest fabrics.
  4. Enzo: You’ll find this five best well worth the money. Enzo designs high quality Italian shirts made of 100% cotton. This brand makes you feel comfortable and professional. The brand comes in many styles, colors and designs.
  5. Del Siena: A great brand that makes handmade products. One of the mid to high priced Italian shirts you’ll find on the market. Quality is very good and the styles are topnotch.










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