5 Best Italian Soccer Players Ever

The 5 best Italian soccer players ever are a mix of retired and current players. Every Italian soccer player on the list started playing professionally while still a teenager and has played in World Cup games. Respected Italian soccer players with numerous player and team awards is another reason each of these five men are the best Italian soccer players ever.

  1. Roberto Baggio. Born in Caldogno, Italy on February 28, 1967 Roberto Baggio is the best Italian soccer player ever because of his long career and accomplishments made as an attacking midfielder and forward. Starting his professional soccer career in 1982, Roberto Baggio played in the Italian soccer club Vicenza until he switched to Fiorentina in 1985. During Roberto Baggio's five year run with Fiorentina he played 94 games scoring 39 goals, with the most during 1989-1990 season with seventeen goals. Traded to Juventus soccer team in 1990, Baggio spent five years with them playing 141 games and scoring 78 goals. In 1993 he was named FIFA World Player of the Year and European Footballer of the Year and currently is the only Italian soccer player to score in three World Cup games.
  2. Paolo Maldini. Retired Italian soccer player Paolo Maldini was born in Milan, Italy and started playing professionally in 1984 until his 2009 retire. Starting professional soccer at the age of sixteen, Paolo Maldini was apart of the Italian Serie A Milan team where his entire 25 season soccer career took place. Switching between left and center defender he won the UEFA Champions League five times, seven Serie A titles, 2007 FIFA Club World Cup and five European Super Cups. During the 2006-2007 UEFA Championship League season Paolo Maldini average playing time was 88.33 and he won the Leagues Best Defender title that season making him one of the best Italian soccer players ever.
  3. Dino Zoff. Born February 28, 1942 in Italy, retired goalkeeper Dino Zoff played with four different Italian teams during his 22 year career as one of the best Italian soccer players ever. Starting his professional soccer career at Udinese in 1961 Dino Zoff only played two seasons before moving to the Mantova Italian soccer team in 1963. Joining Juventus in 1972 and playing with them until his retirement in 1983 was the time period Dino Zoff collected his most honors. Playing in three World Cups it was winning the Spain 1982 FIFA World Cup games that Dino Zoff was not only captain but became the oldest man to win. During his streak with Juventus he also won six Serie A championships, two Coppa Italia, and one UEFA Cup.
  4. Fabio Cannavaro. Starting his professional soccer career in 1991 at the age of 18, Fabio Cannavaro a center defender from Napoli, Italy has played for five Italian professional soccer teams. Playing for Real Madrid in 2006 Fabio Cannavaro was awarded European Footballer of the Year, World Soccer Player of the Year and won the FIFA World Cup. Being awarded the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year, made him the only defender to ever earn the award which makes Fabio Cannavaro is one of the best Italian soccer players ever.
  5. Alessandro Del Piero. Born 1974 in Conegliano, Veneto Alessandro Del Piero started his career at Padova in 1991 at the age of seventeen and went on to play for Juventus from 1993 to present time. During his stint with Juventus, Alessandro has won 5 Italian Serie A championships, the 1998 Italian Serie A Footballer of the Year award, Intercontinental Cup, and 1996 FIFA World Cup. Winning 2008 Italian Serie A Top Scorer and two UEFA Champions League Top Scorer awards is the reason why Italian soccer forward Alessandro Del Piero is one of the best player. Alessandro has scored over 300 goals in professional soccer due to his skills, hard work and determination on the soccer field.

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