5 Best Italian Sports Cars

The five best Italian sports cars all have one thing in common; style. These sports cars range into the upper ranges of cost, but also come equipped with higher end engines and accessories. Most of these cars are the objects of sport car lover's dreams.

  1. Maserati  A true classic, Maserati tops the list of best Italian sports cars. Founded in 1914, the car maker has produced multiple models that keep car lovers drooling. From racing models to comfortable GranCabrio convertible and four door Quattroporte cruising cars, Maserati has continuously produced fast, powerful and sleekly designed cars for almost 100 years.
  2. Ferrari A list of the best Italian sports cars would not be complete without listing the Ferrari. The Testarossa is arguably the most recognizable Italian car. For twelve years, the car was produced and sold world wide making it one of the most accessible of the desirable Italian sports cars. Ferrari, founded in 1929 in Maranello, Italy, has expanded to include a north American division, making it one of the largest privately owned car companies in the world.  Ferrari racing teams are sponsored by the Shell oil corporation, making them one of the wealthiest racing teams ever in existence.
  3. Lamborghini  The original intent of this auto making in 1963 was to create the greatest touring car. Instead, a legend of sports cars was born. Making the list of best Italian sports cars, Lamborghini is most recognized for the Countach model. The company was sold to Audi, a German company after poor sales in the 1990s.
  4. Alfa Romeo   Small and fast, Alfa Romeo does not match the engine power of other cars on the list of best Italian sports cars, but makes up for it in style. The swift and lightly built cars have been around since 1910.
  5. Lancia. The least known of all the companies on the list of best Italian sports cars, Lancia was a short lived company that created a car called the Stratos. This car was mainly used for road racing in the late 1970's and early 1980's. These cars have become collector items for the Italian sports car fan.
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