5 Best Jackie Chan Movies

Anyone into Kung-Fu needs to see the 5 best Jackie Chan movies. Jackie Chan has been a fixture in Kung-Fu and Martial Arts films since the 1960s, getting his start playing bit parts as thugs and hangers on in big budget Kung-Fu films. Jackie Chan began getting a bigger push for staring roles after the sudden death of Bruce Lee left the studios scrambling for a good looking action star that could fill Lee’s shoes and help them cash in on the Kung-Fu craze that we sweeping over the planet. Jackie Chan only did one film as a Bruce Lee surrogate before making the leap into writing, directing and staring in his own films. The move paid off and Jackie Chan has spent the last 30 years amazing audiences with his blend of Martial Arts and slapstick. The five best Jackie Chan Movies show the evolution of an amazing man who still has the dubious reputation for being on Hollywood’s insurance blacklist.

  1. "New Fists of Fury" (1976)- After the death of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan was tapped to take the lead in the "Fist of Fury" sequel. This movie doesn’t show the comedic brilliance that was to come, but it definitely showed Jackie Chan as a bad-ass. Staring in this film is what brought Jackie Chan out of the background and into the spotlight. Being the movie that brought Jackie Chan out of obscurity is what makes this among the five best Jackie Chan movies.
  2. "Drunken Master" ( 1978 )- This was the movie that set the pace for every Jackie Chan movie for the next 30 years. As the irrepressible Wong Fei-Hung, Jackie Chan shows off his sick martial arts skills and his excellent comedic timing. Being one of the best comedic martial arts films and setting the pace for 30 years of awesome is what makes this one of the five best Jackie Chan movies.
  3. "Killer Meteors" (1976)- This makes our  five best Jackie Chan movies list because it is the only time where Jackie Chan plays a villain. When you’re so used to seeing Jackie Chan as the lovable, befuddled good guy, seeing him as the baddie makes him a little scarier. Making us wonder if Jackie Chan is hiding a nugget of evil behind his charming smile is what made this one of the five best Jackie Chan movies.
  4. "Rush Hour" (1998)- This is one of the best Jackie Chan movies because it is such  guilty pleasure. We know most of the jokes in this movie were kind of lame, but the action sequences and the chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker made this movie fun.
  5. "The Forbidden Kingdom" (2008)- We are well aware that this movie was a total flop, and is no where near the funniest work that Jackie Chan has ever done. Then why did it make it onto the list you ask? Because this is the only movie where Jackie Chan and Jet Li work together. Say what you will about the concept of the movie, seeing two Kung-Fu masters working together before they’re past their prime makes this one of the five best Jackie Chan movies.
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