5 Best Jamaican Drinks

These five best Jamaican drinks are potent and tasty. There is more to Jamaica then sandy beaches. Jamaicans brew up some of the best combination drinks on the planet. Check out these spirits and mixtures in these Jamaican delights. As with the best of anything, this is one writer’s opinion. Perhaps you have your own Jamaican favorite.

  1. The Vodka Slush. This exceptional drink is a favorite among the vodka drinkers. A slushy if you prefer of an alcoholic beverage that is a Jamaican mix-master masterpiece. Combining one ounce of vodka, lime juice and simple syrup creates an exceptional mixture. Mix in some crushed ice and blend to finish off this Jamaican blend.
  2. Tally Man. Tally man is a rum mixture that is a kick in the teeth. Smooth yet potent this Jamaican favorite is sure to curl your nose hairs. Mixing 1 ounce of light and dark rum (up to 151 proof) with 2 ounces of apple juice topped of with one-half ounce of lime juice and honey. Mix well, not stirred and server over crushed ice.
  3. Jamaican Waterslide. Another rum classic this Jamaican drink is a fixture at most US bars. This drink combines coconut and Limon rums at 2 ounce shots. Add in fresh lime juice and pineapple juice to taste. Mix well and serve over crushed ice. you can mix and match the fruit juices to meet your tastes or combine vodka for a heavier drink.
  4. Jamaican Rum Punch. Indeed, there is a trend in the best Jamaican drinks and that is rum. Rum is one of the best liquors for mixing drinks and the island flavor of Jamaica with it’s tantalizing fruits is perfect. This Jamaican drink consist of one ounce of light and full proof rum and one ounce of the following fruit juices; pineapple, orange and lime. all poured over ice for a cool and refreshing drink.
  5. Jamaican Kiss. This Jamaican drink rounds out the best five nicely. It is a smooth blend rum and cream with a dash of something special. Stir one ounce of Tia Maria with dark rum of your choice. Pour in some cream, chill and enjoy. This is a wonderful before bedtime nightcap as well.
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