5 Best Japanese Animation Characters

Who are the 5 best Japanese Animation characters ever. This is not an easy question to answer. There are so many cool Japanese Animation characters that choosing the 5 best is totally up to personal preference. The five Japanese Animation characters on this list come from a wide range of Japanese Animation. Some are from films, others are from children's cartoons. Others have even made appearances in popular video games. Japanese Animation characters are everywhere, making it even harder to lock down the five best Japanese Animation characters. Here are the 5 best Japanese Animation Characters. You may agree, you may not. But you'll have to admit that each and every one of them is cool.

  1. Cloud Strife. All you video game nerds know who he is. He's the hero of the legendary "Final Fantasy VII" games and movie spin-offs. He's a total bad ass. He has a strange story. He's a genetically enhanced soldier with the ability to manipulate powerful natural elements known as "materia". If that's too complicated for you to get, just check out his weaponry. He walks around with a sword bigger than he is.
  2. The Spider Woman. Check out a flick called "Wicked City" (1987). It's about the struggle between humans and immortal demons from another dimension. You can imagine the types of interesting Japanese Animation characters that show up in this film. Well, none are cooler than her. She's a beautiful woman, that seduces guys, then shoots webs out of her vagina to subdue them. Then she eats her prey at her leisure. She's freaking cool, man!
  3. Aang. "The Last Airbender". This kid kicks some major ass. He can control the power of the wind. He's also mastering fire, earth, and water. He's barely even a teenager. Check out the animated series. The M. Knight Shyamalan travesty of a motion picture should be avoided at all costs. It's a total cheap corruption of the great Japanimation series.
  4. Jubei Kibagami. He's the most bad ass of the bad ass samurai of the Japanese Animation world. He's the hero of the Japanimation classic "Ninja Scroll" (1993). He slices down his opponents like pieces of loose leaf notebook paper. If you haven't seen "Ninja Scroll" you are not, repeat, not a real fan of Japanimation. Your card will be revoked shortly.
  5. Tetsuo.Once again, if you don't know who he is, you Japanimation club card is now revoked. He was the tragic villain of one of the greatest Japanimation flicks ever. "Akira" (1988). He's kidnapped by a secret government organization. They run a truck load of tests on him. They awaken his deadly psychic abilities. He destroys everything in his path, just by thinking about it. He could destroy each and every other character on this list. Or your list. Or his list. Get the picture?
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