5 Best Japanese Anime Cartoons

If you really love Japanese culture, then you'll love this compilation of the 5 best Japanese anime cartoons. The following series is easily some of the finest examples of Japanese anime cartoons you can find. Even if you don't really like the medium, the following examples of the best Japanese anime cartoons are a just amazing works of art nonetheless.

  1. "Cowboy Bebop." One of the most highly-regarded Japanese anime cartoons of all time, this opus from Shin'ichirou Watanabe successfully blends elements of film noir with a roaring space opera. The story revolves around a misfit gang of space bounty hunters who travel around the galaxy looking for the next big buck. Each episode beautifully mixes an amazing soundtrack with introspective story-telling that is equal parts hilarious and heart-wrenching. Be sure not to miss one of the best Japanese anime cartoons ever.
  2. "Neon Genesis Evangelion." Especially one of the most controversial Japanese anime cartoons, this tells the story of a government organization that places children at the helm of giant robots to, literally, fight against forces from God. Starting out slightly cheerful, this series takes a dive off the deep end around the middle and never lets up. Characters are forced to confront their worst demons, sometimes making the audience do the very same.
  3. "Ruroni Kenshin." The definitive Japanese anime cartoon about samurais, this is one of the best portrayals of ancient Japan in an anime cartoon. The titular character is a master-less samurai who has vowed to never kill again. He and his compatriots travel on a perilous journey where each adversary is more outrageous than the last. If you're looking for a great tale that has as much romance as it does action, be sure to check out this great Japanese anime cartoon.
  4. "Furi Kuri." From the same studio that brought us "Neon Genesis Evangelion" comes one of the shortest yet trippiest Japanese anime cartoons ever. The story of a boy and a girl, except the boy has robots growing out of his head while the girl is from space and fights everything with a bass guitar. All of this with enough government intrigue and music from the Japanese band "The Pillows" to satisfy anyone and everyone. Also, at only 6 episodes long, this is a great series for non-anime fans to try out.
  5. "Full Metal Alchemist." One of the longer series on this list, this is also one of the best Japanese anime cartoons. This tells the tale of two brothers cursed with mystical powers search for a cure in a world where nearly anything is possible. This is a great series because despite the cornucopia of characters, the series manages to make you care about the fates of each and every one of them.
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