5 Best Japanese Restaurants: Denver

So, you are looking for the 5 best Japanese restaurants in Denver. Not a tall task really, because Denver offers some of the finest dining in Colorado. So locating the best Japanese restaurants in Denver will be a cinch. Let’s dig in, so to speak, and explore five of the best Japanese restaurants that Denver has to offer. Keep in mind, there are literally dozens of Japanese restaurants in the Denver metropolitan area. The best in fine Japanese dining is available for every palette.

  1. Sushi Sasa. This Japanese restaurant offers elegant dining in downtown Denver, close to Union Station. The menu touts progressive influences on traditional Japanese plates and sushi. Sushi Sasa is a chef-operated restaurant comprised of hand selected sous chefs. Respected on an international level for its Japanese dining, Sushi Sasa is a five-star Japanese restaurant nestled in the heart of downtown. Sushi Sasa: 2401 15th St., Denver, CO 80202.
  2. Kobe An. This Japanese restaurant offers diverse Japanese cuisine. Its Tatami Room extends the Japanese dining experience to a tradition environment. Ambiance and the best in Japanese dining abound at Kobe An. Here is a menu hint for steak lovers: try the Wafu steak, it is to die for. Kobe An: 85 South Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80228.
  3. Izakaya Den. This location offers a relaxed approach to eating, a slow dining experience to put you in a relaxed and soothing mood. The menu here plays with culinary mixtures, mixing ingredients from across the globe with the best in traditional Japanese fare. This makes for a very eclectic menu that includes gluten-free delights. Izakaya Den: 1518 South Pearl St., Denver, CO 80210.
  4. Mount Fuji. This restaurant offers a lively environment and a true sushi bar flavor in design and menu. Mount Fuji boasts a fantastic bar stocked with a wide variety of Japanese sake and beer as well as other spirits. Meals are cooked by way of a tableside hibachi. The mood is fun and fast-paced, a definite best in Japanese restaurants and a must while in Denver. Mount Fuji: 601 Grant St., Denver, CO 80203.
  5. Go Fish. Do not let the name or the storefront location fool you. It is true that from appearances this restaurant looks more like a fast food joint than the best in fine Japanese dining, but Go Fish is absolutely one of the finer Japanese restaurants in the Denver area. It is run by two traditional Japanese gentlemen with a flair for old time Japan in both presentation and delivery. Go Fish: 1 Broadway, Suite 108B, Denver, CO 80203.

Denver offers much more in the way of quality Japanese restaurants. Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of tastes and textures to entice even the pickiest of fine diners. To learn firsthand about the best Japanese restaurants in Denver, go out and let your palette do the walking!

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