5 Best Jena Malone Movies

Out of the many films made in her still budding career, here are the 5 best Jena Malone movies. Jena Malone started her career as a little girl visiting Santa on one episode of "Roseanne." Since then, she's starred in many films. She's been nominated for many awards, and her career shows a strong body of work for such a young woman. See if you agree with these picks for her very best movies.

  1. "Stepmom" Jena Malone shined in "Stepmom." This movie was a tearjerker that showed the strength of a mother in the face of battling a terminal illness. Susan Sarandon plays the strong mother, and Julia Roberts plays the caring new stepmom. Jena Malone plays Anna Harrison, the young daughter caught in the middle. Jena gives a sensitive portrayal to this complex subject, and it's one of her strongest performances.
  2. "Bastard Out of Carolina" "Bastard Out of Carolina" starred the brilliant Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jena Malone. They played a strong mother and daughter. It's one of those movies that's important to see, yet a bit difficult to watch. Jena Malone plays Ruth Anne "Bone" Boatwright, a young girl who has to deal with far more than any kid should. She has to make difficult choices, and she is wise beyond her years.
  3. "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" is an unusual and strong film. Written and directed by Rebecca Miller, the movie is about exploring the limits of family. Jena Malone plays a supporting character named Red Berry. In the movie, an overprotective, and quite eccentric, father creates enormous chaos in his household when he brings his girlfriend and her sons to live in the isolated home he shares with his daughter.
  4. "Into the Wild" "Into the Wild" is a true tale of the short life of an adventurer. Jena Malone narrates the film and portrays the younger sister, Carine McCandless, of the young man who decides to go off on an epic adventure in the wild. The movie also explores what motivated him, including the secrets their parents kept from them and the life pressures that he found more difficult to handle than the great outdoors.
  5. "The Messenger" "The Messenger" features another strong performance from Jena Malone. in this 2009 movie, Jena Malone plays Kelly, the girlfriend of a man in the military who gets caught in the middle of a tragedy. It's driven by the strong performances of the actors, and the characters are believable despite the outrageousness of their choices.


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