5 Best Jennifer Tilly Movies

Indulge in sexy, campy fun with the 5 best Jennifer Tilly movies. Jennifer Tilly may very well be the perfect blend of sexy, cute and funny, yet despite all of her obvious charms she continues to be one of the most under-rated actresses in film. She draws you in with her exotic looks and devastating body; and her squeaky, sultry voice makes her even more endearing. Even when she's playing an utter nut job, Jennifer Tilly has a sweetness and warmth about her that is charming in any setting; and she's one hell of a poker player!

  1. "Bound" (1996)– Getting robbed is never a good thing, but if being robbed means you get to see Jennifer Tilly bare naked with a girl, it may not be all that bad.
  2. "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" (2000)– This movie shows off Jennifer Tilly's depth as an actress and her sweet, sweet dancing skills. As one of many strippers working at a San Fernando Valley strip club, Jennifer Tilly bares her soul and just a little bit more in her improvised striptease scenes.
  3. "Relax…It's Just Sex" ( 1998)- This black comedy about the ups and downs of love, relationships and sex may not show how amazingly sexy Jennifer Tilly is, but it is a great show of her comedic and dramatic talents.
  4. "Bullets Over Broadway" (1995)- It may not have been one of her biggest roles, but her portrayal of an untalented actress garnered Jennifer Tilly and Oscar nomination for best actress.
  5. "Hide and Seek" (1999)- As a mad woman who kidnaps a pregnant woman, Jennifer Tilly is a bit  scary. But even as a total crack pot there is something warm and earthy about her performance.

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