5 Best Jessica Alba Movies

Jessica Alba has appeared in some blockbusters and some major flops, but good or bad, we've gotta love her; so we've compiled a list of the five best Jessica Alba movies. She isn't the greatest actress in the world, but she has had her moments and her beauty shines on the screen. Jessica Alba has a long career ahead of her and we will definitely be seeing more of her in the near future.

  1. "Sin City" – This is one of the greatest movies ever and it happened to star Jessica Alba. "Sin City" is revolutionary in its cinematography with its graphic style in black and white. Jessica plays a stripper at a local saloon  (your interest in this film just peaked). Not only does Jessica play a stripper, it has everything you could ask for in a movie. "Sin City" is well-written and supplies an array of characters played by a star studded cast. Bringing four Frank Miller graphic novels to life, Robert Rodriguez creates a phenomenal piece of cinema incorporating Jessica Alba into a big role. 

  2. "Honey" – Jessica Alba's break out moment is in"Honey." She portrayed her character fairly well for a cheesy dance drama. The story is basic, but Jessica did really well and danced her butt off. Sexy and courageous, Jessica Alba is a very independent woman who wants to use her talents for good and bring together her community. "Honey" definitely shows Jessica Alba has talent and proved that she will have a bright career with the making of this film. 

  3. "Good Luck Chuck" – Working with Dane Cook, Jessica Alba takes her shot at comedy. She portrays a character that is not the most graceful as she proves to be a walking klutz. She is cute, quirky, and loves penguins. What more could you ask for other than not to kill you with her clumsiness? Jessica proves she can hang with one of the better comedians out there with his over the top physical comedy. The chemistry on screen could have worked better, but Jessica provides a classic character in her film arsenal. Predictable yet funny, "Good Luck Chuck" is a classic Jessica Alba movie that is a good watch. 

  4. "Idle Hands" – When horror and comedy come together and work in Jessica Alba, well sir, you got yourself an instant classic. This was Jessica Alba's first big mainstream film, which may not have done too well, but it was quite underrated and funny. "Idle Hands" was a big step in horror comedies as it paved the way for the future. You wouldn't have your "Zombieland" without "Idle Hands." It was not as frightening as it is funny and Jessica Alba is quite seductive. This classic horror comedy brought Jessica Alba to us and for that we are thankful!"

  5. "Awake" – Not your ordinary thriller, "Awake" takes Jessica Alba into a different kind of role. There is an interesting small twist that turns it into decent story and you actually are rooting for the main character, which is played by Hayden Christensen. "Awake" brings a darker side of Jessica that is not seen by her other roles and it's great to see her perform in something that isn't a bumbling girly-girl. This film takes an interesting look on a very scary circumstance that you wouldn't want to see yourself in. It's a thrill ride that puts Jessica Alba in the driver's seat. 


And for a guilty pleasure: "Into The Blue,"  too obvious…

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