5 Best Jobs In The Air Force

There are many details to consider when enlisting in the Air Force, and knowing the 5 best jobs in the Air Force may be of help when making tough career choices. The Air Force provides more to the enlisted men and women than just training in the defense of our country. It also provides each person with specific training in the field of their interests.

  1. Avionics Systems. Anyone interested in this job in the Air Force will be responsible for the installation and repairs of airborne bomb navigation systems, weapon control systems, and automatic flight control systems. A thorough understanding of electronics, physics, and chemistry is extremely helpful in this career choice.
  2. Munitions and Weapons Maintenance. The enlisted men and women in this specialty spend their days storing and loading nuclear weapons and munitions. They also dispose of missiles and bombs using specialized detection equipment. A good mechanical aptitude is important to become proficient in this position.
  3. Aircraft Maintenance. Helicopters and jet aircraft must be highly maintained. The aircraft maintenance job in the Air Force is highly desired. The inspection and repairs of each aircraft requires mechanical and electrical knowledge. The ability to understand physics and hydraulics will also make the job easier for the beginner. 
  4. Visual Information. Who knew that one of the best jobs in the Air Force could provide the skills needed to become a film editor or aerial commercial photographer? The enlisted men and women who work in the visual information position operate ground and aerial cameras, process the photographs and films, and make the proper edits to create the finished product. Skills in photography, drafting, and computer science are taught in this position. 
  5. Control Systems Operations. This job is similar to a traffic control tower position.  This is a great job both in and out of the Air Force. Directing aircraft take-offs and landings by operating various radar equipment is a primary duty of this position. In the Air Force this position also operates the missile warning systems. A calm demeanor and the ability to speak clearly are desirable qualities for people pursuing this career path.


Jobs in the Air Force

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