5 Best Jobs In Local Government

Listed below are the five best jobs in local government. For anyone who wants to work in a specific area, and wants to be part of the inner workings of his or her city's government, these jobs are great. They allow people to be part of the administration of the city or town in which they live, and, as they are not private jobs, reliable pay and great benefits accompany this type of employment. Following are the five best jobs in local government.

  1. City/County Schools. Working for the city or county school system is an excellent experience for anyone in the education sector. A number of positions are available, from openings as actual educators to roles on the board of education. There is always opportunity for advancement working for the schools.
  2. County Commission. For anyone who has a little bit of time to devote to bettering his or her local environment, obtaining a position on the county commission (board of commissioners) is perfect. Positions allow seat holders to actually influence the direction in which the local government is going. One does have to be elected to the commission, however.
  3. Fire Protection. Working for the local fire department is perfect for anyone who is passionate about helping to keep the area safe. As state employment, reliable pay and benefits come with this local government job.
  4. Transit Service. Positions with the local transit service have people working on ways to better transportation in their areas. Jobs are available in a number of categories, and people who work their ways up get to come up with ideas to perfect the local transit service, which can include starting metro systems, adjusting roads, and using traffic patterns to solve local problems.
  5. Law Enforcement. Anyone who enjoys protecting citizens and dealing with local problems might be able to have a great career in law enforcement. Numerous positions are available, and with the opportunity for advancement, a select few individuals will be able to call the shots, appropriate state funds, and deal with local councils.

Listed above are the five best jobs in local government. They vary greatly, but someone looking to find employment bettering his or her community should be able to find an interest in at least one of these jobs, all of which have reliable pay and benefits.

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