5 Best Jon Boat Accessories

Having the 5 best jon boat accessories can make for a more pleasant and safer outing on the water. Stock jon boats don’t come with a lot of accessories; that is the nature of the boat. However, there are many things you can add that will make the boat more comfortable and more effective for hunting and fishing. 

  1. Trolling Motor. Having a trolling motor can make for easy maneuvering on the water. Some jon boats are too small to have a gasoline engine, so the trolling motor is the only way to get around in the boat. A trolling motor is one of the 5 best jon boat accessories because it will enable you to slowly and quietly enter an area where you want to fish or hunt. Additionally, it will allow you to maneuver in and out of hanging vegetation and tree limbs.
  2. Depth Finder. Depth finders are essential jon boat accessories. There are times when the fish cannot be found at certain depths and having a depth finder on the boat, especially one with a fish finder, will enable an angler to locate them.
  3. Seat on a Pedestal. Another of the 5 best jon boat accessories is having a seat up on a pedestal. The standard jon boat seat is just a bench that sits low in the boat. By having a seat up on a pedestal, the field of vision is greatly increased. Additionally, it is much easier to cast because you are not sitting almost even with the surface of the water.
  4. Boat Cover. Having a boat cover is not essential, but is a highly recommended accessory. A cover can greatly increase the life of the boat and keep it clean until you are ready to use it again. It will also help to keep critters out of the boat while it is being stored between trips.
  5. Trailer. Putting the boat on top of your car and carrying it to the water would certainly not be fun. Fortunately, in the list of best jon boat accessories is the boat trailer. Putting the boat on a trailer makes it easier to take to the lake and put into the water. The exception to needing a trailer would be if you lived on the lake and your boat was tied to the shore or stored in a boat house.
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