5 Best Jon Boats For Fishing

Because of the affordability and the convenience, jon boats are a regular on the fishing scene, so take the time to learn about the best 5 jon boats for fishing and get the most bang for your buck. Some jon boats have a flat bottom and a flat hull, and others have a v-shape. Anglers can use paddles to control the boat or mount a small motor on it. Because of their size, they make for easier fishing in tight areas. Manufacturers put their own variations into each boat. Here's a look at the 5 best jon boats for fishing.

  1. Tracker Guide V-14. This is an excellent jon boat for fishing if you do your angling on larger waters. It is a V-shaped boat which allows the boat to move easier through choppy waters. It has a riveted aluminum alloy construction that will last many years in with heavy use. It can hold a 25 horsepower motor that will move the jon boat nicely over the water.
  2. G3 Welded Jon Boat. G3 makes one of the best jon boats in a one-piece welded construction of .100 marine gauge aluminum. The thicker gauge is good to have if you fish around rocky areas that could tear a whole in the boat. The bottom of the boat is also ribbed for added strength. The G3 jon boat comes in both flat and slightly V-shaped hull, both with a flat bottom.
  3. Roughneck. The welded construction Roughneck jon boat is made by Lowe Boats. They come with a lot more features than you might find in a simpler jon boat, such as an interior coating to protect the deck, storage boxes on the bow and pedestal seat bases. The Roughneck is a flat-bottom boat with a V-shaped hull.
  4. Alumacraft Side Console. These are all-welded construction side console jon boats, meaning that you can sit in them just like a larger bass boat to drive the boat. The seat's sit low to allow you to navigate around tree limbs and bushes. It comes with a live well and rod storage.
  5. Intruder 12. This is a boat for fishermen who need something very light and inexpensive. It's only twelve feet long and weighs 133 pounds, but it can hold two people. It is made from polyethelene and designed to take a pounding from rocks. This is a good boat for paddles and a very small motor, like a trolling motor.
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