5 Best Jon Boats

The five best Jon boats will generally be of use to you in hunting, fishing, and shallow-water transportation situations. Typically flat-bottomed with a square stern, Jon boats were originally constructed from wood and propelled with either oars or poles. You'll be happy to know that most of today's Jon boats are motor-powered!

  1. KL Industries Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat. A Jon boat made primarily for fishing, this Sun Dolphin boat comes with a UV-stabilized, rugged, polyethylene deck and a hull with two, padded swivel seats for fishing in a bit of style and comfort. While it comes with a rear-motor mount, you'll have to spring for the actual motor separately!
  2. 12 Foot Pelican Intruder Boat. The Intruder Boat from Pelican is built entirely out of RAM-X material that is impact-resistant. Now you can attend to fishing, hunting, or basic transport with the peace of mind that only sturdy protection can give you. The Pelican Intruder Boat also comes with a widely spacious interior space to the tune of 36 cubic feet and is equipped with built-in flotation as an additional safety feature.
  3. KL Industries American 12 Jon Fishing Boat. Another Jon boat used for fishing purposes, KL Industries' American 12 Fishing Boat is built to accommodate today's fisherman with lots of practical outfits. Including everything from drink and tackle holders to oarlock sockets and rod holders, this Jon boat also is maintenance free thanks to its built-in, closed cell, polystyrene foam flotation.
  4. 2010 Edgewater 10 Jon Boat. This offering from Pro Strike is the most lightweight Jon boat of its kind currently on the market, a valuable asset for boaters who value agility in the water. Going for $939 and having capacity for two people, it is a good option for folks just wanting an all-around sound, basic Jon boat.




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