5 Best Julia Stiles Movies

Although she started in television when she was just 12 years old, these 5 best Julia Stiles movies made her famous. She can bust a move like no other and she can walk beside a prince with grace and style.

  1. "10 Things I Hate About You" Kat, played by Julia Stiles, is different. She is not socially accepted by her peers because she doesn’t do what they think she should. Her sister Bianca wants to date. But she can’t until Kat does. Can she convince someone to date Kat so she can go out?
  2. "The Bourne Supremacy" Julia Stiles plays Nicky, Jason Bourne’s handler from Treadstone. Nicky meets with Bourne while wearing a wire. The conversation leads Landy to believe Bourne is actually being framed.
  3. "The Bourne Ultimatum" In one of the best Julia Stiles movies, Julia reprises her role as Nicky, Bourne’s handler from Treadstone and the only one he will talk to. Bourne believes that Nicky can help in finding the answers he needs to figure out his true identity.
  4. "The Prince & Me" Paige Morgan is a farmer's daughter. At her girlfriend's wedding, the bouquet lands in her hand as a sign to tell her that there is more to life than medical school. When she is having trouble with Shakespeare, she asks Eddie (who is actually the Prince of Denmark) for help. Eddie has loved her since the first time her saw her, but can he convince her that she loves him too?
  5. "Save the Last Dance" In this best Julia Stiles movie she plays a midwestern girl who moves in with a father she has never known after her mother dies. She is befriended by Chenille, who shows her how to fit into the neighborhood. Derek, Chenilles brother, teaches Sara some dance moves that she uses in her application performance at Juilliard.  

In these best Julia Stiles movies she plays a diverse set of characters. From the farmer's daughter turned royalty to the Juilliard applicant, she has proven she can take any role and make it her own.

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