5 Best Julianne Moore Movies

Curious about the 5 best Julianne Moore movies? The best Julianne Moore movies have her playing characters ranging from FBI agent Clarice Starling to a real estate agent. Her talents have left us wanting more of the fiery redhead. Julianne Moore’s acting career started with one episode on the day television soap opera “The Edge of the Night.”

  1. "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" In this movie Julianne Moore portrays a real estate agent that learns the truth about her friend's nanny. Only she doesn’t live long enough to tell her about it.
  2. "The Forgotten" Although this best Julianne Moore movie has a plot that leaves something to be desired, Moore brings her part to life. Viewers feel the anguish of her missing son and the fact that the NSA is trying to kill her and cover up his disappearance.
  3. "Hannibal" Resurrecting the role of FBI Agent Clarice Starling, Julianne Moore hunts down the infamous Hannibal Lecter in this movie. Determined to get to Lecter before the only surviving victim of his crimes, Starling is shot and saved by Lecter.
  4. "Nine Months" Moore plays Rebecca, a woman in a long-term relationship who has just found out she is pregnant. The father of the baby wants nothing to do with having a child, but Rebecca wants to settle down with or without him.
  5. "Assassins" A computer hacker, played by Moore, is the target of an assassin. Tired of killing people, the assassin becomes her bodyguard and protects her from another assassin who is contracted to kill her.

These Julianne Moore movies are a collection of action, intrigue and drama. She adapts to every role she plays, from the parent of a missing child to the would-be victim of an assassin seamlessly.

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