5 Best Junior Cricket Bats

These 5 best junior cricket bats can inspire the junior level player. These bats are top of the line and are offered and various prices. Many believe the key to a perfect cricket bat evolves from fine woods and finishes—these cricket bats are proof of this notion.

  1. Gray Nicolls Nitro Carbo Cricket Bat This is an essential bat for juniors. The lightweight but durable design encourages natural stroke motion, thus giving the junior player the basic mechanics to succeed. Fitted with a newly designed pyramid grip, the Nitro Carbo offers stability in control and comfort in movement. This is an exceptional bat for junior players as it provides natural progression and encourages proper form and function.
  2. GM Icon DXM™ 707 Junior Bat provides a stellar foundation for the junior cricket player. This bat is specifically designed to promote proper form and reduce stress on the key joints. The elongated grip allows for a more comfortable grip and stride when stroking. Durable wood manufactured with a sturdy varnish cover keep the Icon on the field and replacement cost in your pocket.
  3. Newbery Uzi SPS Junior Cricket Bat This cricket bat is a monster for speed and impact that provides for a sharp and accurate shot. The Uzi offers a new design with a shorten bat face, which shifts the weight to provide greater impact strength. Offering excellent durability with pre-oiled hammer edge and toe guard, the Uzi is a definite long term purchase for the junior player.
  4. Gunn & Moore Apex DXM Original Junior Cricket Bat The design of this bat provides superior directional power. The lightweight construction with sturdy guards and hammer points allows the cricket player to blast away without concern. The stock handle is comfortable in the hands and provides a sturdy foundation. Allows the batter to establish pace and control without skimming on power and function.
  5. Kookaburra Blade 750 BK294 Junior Cricket Bat This professional grade English willow manufactured bat is a throwback with exceptional upgrades. This is an ideal junior grade bat that will allow tutelage and growth for the junior player, while promoting correct form and mechanics.
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