5 Best Junior Squash Rackets

Top manufacturers have lined up to provide you with the five best junior squash racquets. Not exactly a household sport, squash is a racquet based sport very much like racquet ball. Though internationally recognized, squash is a negotiated future Olympic sport and is growing in popularity in the United States.

The five best junior squash racquets are:

  1. Dunlop M-Fil Junior Pro Squash Racquet: This professional grade squash racquet has a composite titanium alloy construction. This provides for a lightweight racquet that is easy to handle and glides through the air. The ‘X’ cross string pattern is a popular design and look to add to the overall feel of the racquet.
  2. Head Cyano 115 Junior Pack Strung Squash Racquet: Another racquet geared towards the junior player that is serious about the sport. With a full graphite construction speed, the power of your stroke almost comes naturally. The twenty-six inch base is ideal for the young player. The 14.2 inch balance rounds out this tight and ideal racquet.
  3. Harrow Junior Squash Racquet: This is a more down to earth racquet for the casual or intermediate junior squash player. It has a solid composite frame that is lightweight and durable. The grip is designed to assist the junior player in maintaining control and provides a comfort level for forward and backhand strokes. The grip and strings are durable and built to last providing the junior player with a great platform to grow their game.
  4. Black Knight '01 4701 Junior Graphite Squash Racquet: This has a lightweight and durable graphite construction for top grade performance and longevity. The grip on this racquet is shorter and more compact to fit the hand and swing style of young players. This is an exceptional starter racquet that boasts an elongated 15.2 inch balance and bulb end to keep mishaps from happening.
  5. Wilson Tour Junior Squash Racquet: This is adjusted to the needs of junior players. The shortened grip assists young players when handling the racquet, and the lightweight titanium design makes the racquet light in their hands. This is one of the better beginning racquet on the market and carries the Wilson name and backing.
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