5 Best K2 Telemark Skis

The 5 best K2 Telemark skis own the backcountry and so will you when you strap them on. K2 produces some of the best Telemark skis in the business. Their skis are made for Telemark and boast all-terrain adventure for backcountry superiority. The five best K2 Telemark skis own the powder and will deliver the backcountry like never before. If you are looking to take Telemark skiing to the next level, read on. The K2 Telemark skies detailed here are perfect at any level and will open the door to additional opportunities in the backcountry. The five best K2 Telemark skies are sure to please. If you are into Telemark skiing, here is your opportunity to check out the best K2 has to offer.

  1. K2Pontoon Telemark All-terrain Ski provides a ride that can only be likened to surfing on powder. The cut and tapered tail provide a ride on powder like no other. The wide mouth construction glides over powder but also gigs into the turns. This may be the very best in backcountry skiing.
  2. K2Hardside Telemark All-terrain Ski is killer on the powder. Speed and agility are promoted by this skis' design and style. If you like your adventure with a little action, try these on for size. This ski is the ideal backcountry adventurous ski for the more advanced skier.
  3. K2Darkside Telemark Adventure Ski promotes north face, steep and deep adventure for those wanting to spice up the backcountry. This ski is designed for the serious and skilled backcountry skier looking to take adventure to the next level. Durable construction, hard edges for those sharp and deep turns. A ski to be reckoned with that is for sure.
  4. K2Coomback Telemark All-terrain Ski provides a fresh look on backcountry skiing. This ski looks to open the door to all areas of Telemark skiing. From technical to adventure to touring, this is one ski that fits all. Its open design accommodates various aspects of Telemark skiing into one ski.
  5. K2Sidestash Telemark All-terrain Ski is a big toe open-mouth Telemark ski built to glide down the backcountry's north face. This ski is made to cover deep, fresh powder with a fat facing to gobble up fresh powder like no other. With a progressive side cut, this ski will dominate the turns and get you to your destination effortlessly.
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