5 Best Kama Sutra Foreplay Techniques

These 5 best Kama Sutra foreplay techniques will guarantee better and more intense lovemaking between you and your partner. The Kama Sutra has gained a strong reputation for the variety of sexual positions that it outlines, but many disregard the other important sections of the holy text on sexual union, marriage, relationships, and foreplay. Make your partner wild by learning these imperative techniques. 

  1. Show care for each other. Before any sexual touching, the Kama Sutra describes an important component of foreplay romance. Feed each other pastries, fruits, or other sweet concoctions. Drink champagne together. Have her lay on your lap in the fresh air outdoors and have a pleasant conversation about anything from your relationship to the universe. This emotional connection is essential to the success of the rest of the foreplay techniques.
  2. Embrace completely. The coming together of two bodies, with or without clothes, is a significant symbol of the intense feelings between them, which you will take advantage of in the buildup towards penetration. Incorporate the four key parts that the Kama Sutra lays out for a real bodily connection: touching, rubbing, piercing, and pressing. When lying down, remember to use your body to embrace the four key sexual areas of her body: thighs, genitals, breasts, and forehead.
  3. Bite her. The Kama Sutra states that all kissable parts of her body are equally bitable as long as you’re biting lightly. When you bite each other, especially on the lower lip, ear lobes, and nipples, you create a type of romantic love quarrel that’s essential for long-term sexual satisfaction. Biting can also be integrated into the moment you slowly take each other’s clothes off-you can use your teeth to remove her clothes.
  4. Let her take charge. Although there are clear roles outlined for men and women, the Kama Sutra highly encourages the woman to act out her sexual aggression and take the role of the man, especially during foreplay. Encourage your partner to act out her fantasies, do what she feels like with your body, and be physically on top of you. In this way, you can create novelty and therefore increase the pleasure in your sexual relationship.
  5. Use your nails. You’ll want to make sure your nails are clean for this foreplay technique. Using your nails to make marks on her body comes at the moment of extreme passion, typically right before intercourse. By pressing your nails lightly into different parts of her body such as her breasts, neck, and hips, your woman will feel excitement at the memory of your sexual encounter.
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