5 Best Kama Sutra Techniques

These 5 best Kama Sutra techniques can be used between two very erotic people has been found too take relationships to a brand new level. Kama Sutra has been around for a while and the number of people practicing Kama Sutra seems to grow more and more everyday. Kama Sutra has been known to save some antique marriages and begin some very steamy marriages. Kama Sutra gives you the option of what is and isn't comfortable for you and your partner. The information below will give you insight on what Kama Sutra techniques work the best for you.

  1. The Koalas In this position the man resumes a sitting position and the woman takes a seat on his lap. The couple should begin to embrace and gently massage each other. They join together and the woman begins to rock her pelvis back and forth while contracting her muscles to create deeper penetration. This position leaves a man thrusting into her deeply until they are both satisfied.
  2. Climbing the Palm The man kneels on his right knee with his left foot flat on the ground. The woman then places the right heel of her foot on his hip bone, sitting on his left knee. The man begins to embrace the woman's hips by bringing her closer, inserting himself inside of her. The woman can now move her hips to drive herself and her partner wild.
  3. The Bow The man kneels with his knees together while sitting on his heels. The female can then turn her hips away from him, straightening her right leg and setting her weight into his lap. After the couple has joined, the woman bends forward and puts her hands on the floor and bends both knees. The man can now insert himself deeply into the woman as she pushes her hips up against him.
  4. The Coracle The man squats on his feet and the woman straddles him with her buttocks between his knees and her knees squeezing his sides. He supports her back with his arms while she clasps him in a very slow, passionate embrace.
  5. The Gondola The man sits with his legs in front of him and the woman sits sideways between his thighs with her knees together. The female then leans back and curls her right leg around his waist. While she is opened to him, she supports herself with her hands. The man can now support her hips and slowly enter her for more pleasure.
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