5 Best Katherine Heigl Movies

The 5 best Katherine Heigl movies find her playing a range of characters, from perpetual bridesmaid to a single pregnant gal. We've also included one of the most notorious movies in history, and Katherine Heigl has a starring role!

  1. "27 Dresses." This cute chick flick stars Katherine Heigl alongside James Mardsen. Heigl plays a woman secretly pining away for her boss, played by Edward Burns. She's always the bridesmaid, never the bride, and that continues when her younger sister steals her boss' heart.
  2. "Knocked Up." This hilarious comedy is written and directed by funny guy Judd Apatow, and stars another funny man, Seth Rogen. Heigl ends up pregnant after a one-night stand, and the ensuing pregnancy and childbirth are comedy gold.
  3. "The Ugly Truth." This is movie that finds Katherine Heigl playing the girl next door. This time, she's a successful career woman who thinks she knows exactly what she wants in a man, but Gerard Butler sets out to prove differently.
  4. "Caffeine." Katherine Heigl stars in this movie that was released before she hit it big and became a huge name. She stars alongside Mena Suvari in this film about a small London restaurant and the quirky restaurant staff and patrons. Watch this movie to see Katherine Heigl before she was a big star!
  5. "Zyzzyx Road." We had to include this on the 5 best Katherine Heigl movies list, but it's the best for being totally notorious. This film also stars Tom Sizemore, and is known as one of the epic box office bombs of all time. It was released in the U.S. in just one theater, and made a grand total of $20. That's $20, not $20 million, and not even $20,000. It's known as the lowest grossing film of all time.



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