5 Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holders

There are five best kayak fishing rod holders essential for your trip. Kayak fishing is a great outdoors sport, but finding somewhere to put your equipment is a hassle. Kayaks aren’t large like boats. There’s only so much room to place supplies in. You also don’t need to worry about reaching around for your rods and causing stress to your back or risking an accident. This is your kayak fishing rod guide to the best holders on the Internet.

  1. Scotty Baitcaster: This fishing rod holder comes in three mount choices: mounting bracket base, without mount and flush deck mount. Scott Baitcaster cradles your rod by allowing room for a spinning reel and bait caster reel. It also contains a trigger grip. You use the strap to hold the rod securely in place. The rod holder's size is 7 3/8" and the opening is 1/14".
  2. RAM Rod Holder: The RAM is great for quick release of your fishing rod. It fits perfectly with any kayak and provides a safe and secure hold. It comes with or without a ball mount. The rod holder is 10" and the opening is 1 7/8".
  3. Scotty Rodmaster II: This fishing rod is 10" long with a removable gimbal pin. The fiber reinforced tube style offers more strength and dependability. It comes in the color black, with or without a base.
  4. Flush Mount Rod Holder: The Flush Mount fits almost any fishing kayak. It's made with a sealed cap to keep water from entering. The Flush Mount is good for most narrow rods, including bass and fly. The fact that it fits well with a great number of fishing kayaks makes this one more convenient and a great buy.
  5. Slide Trax Universal Mounting Plate with Baitcast Rod Holder: The Slide Trax fits all fishing kayaks. It comes in all black with two features. You get the holder and mount in one product. This product also has a strap for holding the rod in place. It has a place for your spinning reels as well. This holder and mount combination is reasonably priced for what you get. Other single rod holders cost almost the same without the mount.
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