5 Best Kayak Paddle Holders

The best 5 kayak paddle holders come in handy when you are looking for a place to rest your paddle after hours of long and rigorous paddling. You will thank your lucky stars that your kayak has some paddle holders installed. Otherwise, you may lose your paddle if you put it down in the water or you may develop a cramp from constantly holding onto your kayak paddle.

  1. Carlisle Paddle Holder Kit. This kayak paddle holder from Carlisle comes with everything you need to secure your kayak paddle in a jiffy, which is why it occupies the number one position. It comes with two lash hooks and rivets, two strap eyes and a strap cord for quick and easy fastening to the side of your kayak. Never lose or misplace your paddle again with Carlisle's kayak paddle holder.
  2. Cascade YakClip. Cascade's YakClip is just what you are looking for if you need a setup in your kayak that always ensures you have a paddle within reach anytime you want. YakClip takes the number two spot on account of its amazingly convenient installation: You don't need to drill any holes or need any tools to fasten this to your kayak.
  3. Native Watercraft Deck Mount Paddle Holder. Easily installing itself on any kayak, Native Watercraft's deck mount paddle holder is the kayak paddle holder you need to be able to do lots of things without worrying about your paddle. With this deck mount paddle holder, free yourself to be able to take pictures of scenery, access your cooler or gear box or reel in that big monster of a fish you've been wanting all this time.
  4. Native Watercraft Adapt-A-Track Paddle Holder. A new model for 2010, Native Watercraft's Adapt-A-Track paddle holder comes in a pair and also provides a safe placeholder for your kayak paddle, which is why it arrives at the four spot. In addition, this kayak paddle holder simply snaps right into place on your kayak's recessed channel. No more chaotic tools or other equipment needed!
  5. Surf to Summit Kayak Paddle Holders. Sold in sets of two, Surf to Summit's kayak paddle holders are there for you to ensure that your kayak and paddles can be stored together in an orderly configuration. Just attach these paddle holders to your kayak through the super-easy strapping clip that fastens to the side of your kayak and you are all set.
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