5 Best Kayaking Gloves

Keep a good grip on your paddles with these 5 best kayaking gloves. Handling a kayak can make your hands rough. Check out these gloves from NRS. NRS makes a good number of quality, affordable kayaking gloves that protect your hands. Here are the best kayaking gloves on the internet. Consider them when you need to buy a new pair.

  1. NRS Hydroskin Gloves These kayaking gloves keep your hands warm in any season. The outer layer allows for excellent flexibility and mobility. They also propel moisture and stay dry even when covered in water. These gloves come in black and in all sizes.
  2. NRS Rigging/Boaters Gloves These gloves are great for summer kayaking. The lightweight fabric is breathable and comfortable. These gloves come in manly blue/black and gray colors. You can find them in all sizes as well.
  3. NRS Rapid Glove NRS made these gloves with flexible material. They protect your hands in any weather and provide excellent paddle gripping. This glove also holds securely around your wrist with an elastic and adjustable strap. Comes in blue/gray colors.
  4. NRS Creek Gloves Don't go up the creek without your paddle or these great gloves. The standard black NRS Creek gloves come in all sizes. The outer layer is made with carbon-fiber armor to protect your hands from sticks and rocks.
  5. NRS Paddler Neoprene Kayak Glove These kayaking gloves protect against nature's worst obstacles. You also have a better feel of your paddles with this line of gloves. The slip-proof palm gives you a better grip than most brands.
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