5 Best Kickboxing Belts

The kickboxing ranking system values 5 best kickboxing belts. The expert level kickboxing gains a black belt for the kickboxer. The best kickboxing black belts are called “Dan.”  In kickboxing, the rank grading system is similar to that of Judo. The basic belts awarded follow the same expert criteria as practiced in Judo fight. The most expert level is reached when black belt is earned. Black belts have ten grades called “Dan”. Five of the best kickboxing belts or "Dan"are as follows:

  1. Shodan: This is the first of the ten black best kickboxing belt degrees of kickboxing. These rankings are similar to Judo. Earning this kickboxing belt means that the initial phase has been completed with success.
  2. Nidan: This is the second-degree black belt of kickboxing as well as Judo. This shows that all the basic skills have been mastered. Every step learned means a leap towards expert level.
  3. Sandan: This is called the third degree kickboxing black belt. This certifies that all the techniques learned have been mastered to a level that the person is now capable of teaching martial arts. This instructor is called “Sensei” in Judo.
  4. Yondan: Yondan is a kickboxing belt of an intermediate or fourth stage, where teacher turns into a master. This is decided by experience as an instructor and basic skills. This kickboxing belt stage consists of teaching and gaining experience.
  5. Godan: At Godan or fifth kickboxing black belt, the teacher earns a certification of mastery. This is evaluated by services rendered to the art of kickboxing and field experience. Further experience and leadership skills value the kickboxer and help him earn the next step.



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