5 Best Kickboxing Combinations

If you are new to kickboxing, or you are just looking to improve your skills, then you probably want to know the 5 best kickboxing combinations. These combinations, when used in conjunction with each other, make for a very effective fighting style, and will almost definitely help you in the sport, assuming you do them correctly.

  1. The first kickboxing combination you need to know is the double cross uppercut. You can complete this kickboxing move by doing a cross hit with each of your hands, beginning with your dominant, and following up with an uppercut. This is an effective move because it will knock your opponent farther back than if you had just done each move individually, and possibly make him lose his footing.
  2. The jab-uppercut-hook is another important kickboxing combination that you should know if you are to be a good fighter. To pull this off, just do a jab to your opponent's face, then an uppercut with the opposite hand, and then a hook with the same hand that you did the jab. This is an effective combo because the jab will take your opponent off his guard for a second, and the uppercut and the hook will allow for some power.
  3. The hook-jab combo is a classic kickboxing combination because, if done correctly, it will leave either the face or stomach open. To pull this off, just do a hook towards the area you want to get a hit on. Be sure to do this quickly as for a short second it will leave you heavily exposed. The point of the hook is to draw the defending hand away from the area of the body that you are focusing on.
  4. The next combination you need to learn is the jab-uppercut combination. When kickboxing with an opponent, it is important to do this combination at a high speed to avoid any chance of a counterattack.
  5. The next and last kickboxing combo you should know is the jab-hook-jab. This is an essential move for getting a few good hits on your opponent and pushing him that much closer to a knockout.
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