5 Best Kickboxing Movies

There are more martial arts movies than you may realize, so let's consider the 5 best kickboxing movies in that genre.

  1. "Kickboxer" DVD  (1989) Lions Gate Home Entertainment – This film stars American kickboxing champ Eric Sloane, who is handicapped in the ring by super kickingboxing bad guy, Tong Po. Therefore, his younger brother Kurt (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) seeks out revenge. Yet, before he can knock of the evil Po, he must first master the kickboxing art.
  2. "Pride Fighting Championships: Final Conflict" – In Japan, Pride Fighting Championships are the top of the line events for fans of mixed martial arts. It's an extreme sport that mixes in judo, karate, jiu jitsu, kickboxing and wrestling into a harsh fighting event. This particular disc features the Final Conflict event.
  3. "Chuck Norris Presents WCL – World Combat League: Season 1" – We all know there's nobody tougher than Chuck Norris. And with this project, Norris showcases fighters in the World Combat League, where when somebody gets knocked out, they get knocked out – cold. Listen up, fight fans, because a whole season of competition can be found on this DVD.
  4. "Techno Boxeo: Abansado" – Don't be put off by the Spanish language because "Techno Boxeo," the first Spanish language cardio-kickboxing video to be released, features Felicia Mercado as the instructor. And take note, guys, Mercado is also a former Miss Mexico and a movie and soap opera star. It also has great credentials, having been developed by Alex Khanbabian, a World Champion kickboxer.
  5. "Universal Soldier" – In this drama, Luc is a genetically enhanced super soldier, who must fight against against his former comrades. It also features Andrew, a universal soldier who is propelled by a hatred instilled many years before in Vietnam.
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