5 Best Kickboxing Workout Videos

Looking for the 5 best kickboxing workout videos? For many people the idea of going to a gym is intimidating and stressful, and some of us just prefer working out at home. Also, there is no workout that takes place only in the gym; you have to keep up outside of the gym if you want the best results. The key to working out at home is finding the best videos that give the right instruction at the right pace and won’t cause you to injure yourself. If kickboxing is your exercise of choice, the kickboxing videos below may be just the thing for you!

  1. Ten Minute Solution, Kickbox Boot Camp. This is an excellent and easy to follow video. The instructor is Keli Roberts, who is excellent and motivating, and the video consists of five parts. Each part focuses on a different outcome for your body. These include basic training for burning calories and exercises for toning your lower body. You can focus on whichever section you want in whatever order you like.
  2. Crunch Super Charged. This is a very high energy video which combines kickboxing combinations and dance moves. The instructor is Jeanette Jenkins, who is excellent in this video. The exercises burn an incredible amount of calories and are varied enough to keep you interested.
  3. Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies. This is a video for those who haven’t taking kickboxing classes before. This video teaches the basic moves in kickboxing, helping you with the basics so you can move on to more advanced exercises. Despite being a simpler, easier workout, it is still great for burning calories.
  4. Billy Blanks Tae Bo Fat Blasting Cardio and Total Body Fat Blaster. This video is more difficult then the others and requires that you buy the equipment used in it for a really effective workout. However, the video is worth it as it includes fat burning and toning in one workout.
  5. Amy Bento Kickbox Xtreme. This video, by instructor Amy Bento, is great because it works out the upper and lower body. Each movement is broken down so even beginners will be able to follow along easily despite the complicated moves. It gets easier every time you do it and you burn an incredible amount of calories.
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