5 Best Kids Compound Bows

The 5 best kids compound bows are good enough for adult use but made for kids. These compound bows are very affordable and built for a kids use. Compound bows make up some of the best hunting bows on the market. Compound bows are also best for competitive archery. Purchasing one of these five compound bows for a kid is a great way to introduce them to the sport.

  1. Genesis Compound Bow. This professional grade compound bow gives your kid the chance to launch an arrow from a true hunting bow. This compact compound bow is smaller in size and simpler in operation. Perfect for the kid anxious to learn and doesn’t need to spend hours learning the functionality of the bow.
  2. Browning Micro Compound Bow. This is perhaps the essential kids compound bow that offers all the amenities of a finely tuned bow. More expensive than any other bow on this list but provides the best in form, function and quality. The Browning Micro proves that simplistic operation needn’t mean that precision shooting need to suffer.
  3. Horton Scout Cross Bow. A great bow for a kid looking to break into the compound bow world, either as a hunter or archer. This bow boasts sleek looks with great accents for superior looks to match the smooth draw and steady limb. Built in site makes operations easy and additional cost reduced to near zero.
  4. Wolverine Compound Bow. Simple, yet durable compound bow that works well for kids experimenting in the area of archery or bow hunting. Positive gadgets are added for the kids to experiment to learn the operations of a true compound bow. A great kid’s compound bow as a starter to test out ability and interest level with only committing very little funds.
  5. Mountain Tiger Compound Bow. Another solid choice for kids looking to set out and explore the sport. Smooth draw with five arrow quiver to assist in transition between shooting and reloading. Easy draw with smooth movement and sturdy support system for the archer. Not recommended for hunting of heavy duty use.
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