5 Best Kids’ Hockey Drills

If you coach younger players (ten and under) you want to have the 5 best kids’ hockey drills available so they will enjoy their drill times. After all, the goal of playing hockey at any age, but especially at a young one, is to have fun, and this should include all parts of the experience.

  1. Jumps: Have your kids line up in several lines with plenty of room for them to move backward and forward and side to side without bumping into other teammates. Then have them practice taking jumps, first with their legs straight, then with their knees bent. You can do this with or without skates. The object of this drill is to show them how much better they can do when they keep their knees bent.
  2. Glides and stops: Again, have your kids form several lines with enough room between them for free movement. Let them practice gliding on one skate with their stick staying in contact with the ice at all times. Remind them to keep the knee of the foot that is gliding bent.
  3. Going to the edge: Place your kids in lines near each circle on the arena floor. Tell them that they are to glide, again on one skate, around the edge on the inside of the circle first, then around the edge on the outside of the circle. Tell them to go one way (counter- or clockwise) on the inside, then the other way on the outside.
  4. Cone drills: Let your kids have a few minutes just skating in and out of the line or course formed by cones. Then have them practice gliding around the cones on first one foot then the other.
  5. Stickhandling drills: Practice stickhandling by letting your kids line up and practice leaning on first one leg, then the other while maintaining proper stickhandling methods (both hands on stick, stick on ice).
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